Favourite Kids’ TV Shows

With CBBC marking its 30th anniversary yesterday, we asked FTV students and staff which kids’ television programmes made an impression on their childhood.

Very few of the students remembered the days of Otis the Aardvark in the Broom Cupboard (making placement coordinator Jemma feel rather old!) but a lot of the favourites mentioned have stood the test of time, such as Zach’s programme of choice Pingu, arguably an all-time classic.

One of Shane’s favourites was Power Rangers, while Katharine has fond memories of singing along to the theme tune of Barney & Friends, which featured a purple anthropomorphic dinosaur. Incidentally, it transpires that programme convenor Dr Richard Langley knows all the words to the opening theme of Pinky and the Brain, a series about two laboratory mice who endeavour to take over the world.

Other favourites include Tracy Beaker (Mariam) and Horrible Histories (Luke). Our technician Oz says that Dick and Dom In Da Bungalow was a highlight of his Saturday mornings, as it was anarchic and reminiscent of Tiswas. Rob, on the other hand, claims that every time he watched Sesame Street he felt like he was doing his Dad a favour, and, controversially, that he hated Bernard’s Watch.

Although CBBC has only existed since 1985, television programmes aimed specifically at
children have been around for decades, with the long-running Blue Peter first airing iMcGuffin and Clangern 1958. This year has also seen the reincarnation of The Clangers on the CBeebies channel, a stop-motion animation set in space that was first broadcast in 1969, but has proved popular again with a 21st Century audience. What our mascot MacGuffin thinks of these creatures from the little blue planet, however, is less certain…


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